Chimney sweeping services covering a 20 mile radius of Frome, Somerset

The Sweeping Company is a certified chimney sweep service for both private and commercial customers.

The Sweeping Company is committed to practising the highest standards.


Why sweep your chimney?

Creosote, or soot, builds up in the chimney and over time obstructs the rising smoke and hot air. This prevents a vacuum forming and sucking oxygen in to fuel the fire, as well as the risk of smoke coming into the room and fires catching higher up in the chimney.

By having your chimney swept regularly you will be ensuring quality performance and keeping your home or business safe.

Our services

Chimney sweeping and smoke testing

Solid fuel burners, coal and wood, chimneys and appliances cleaned

Birds nests and obstructions removed

Insurance recognised certificate issued

Do we sweep in your area?

We are based in Frome and sweep across the south west including; Bradford-on-Avon, Melksham, Wells, Warminster, Shaftesbury, Chippenham, Bath, Bristol and surrounding areas.

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